Northport, NY Village store Jewelry Collection & More welcomes Wristflips to her unique inventory!

Posted by Leigh Boodoo on

Eileen Pinchuck's Northport Village store Jewelry Collection and More welcomes Wristflips to her unique inventory! After Eileen purchased the habit forming parenting tool from Northport resident Leigh Boodoo back in May, she was excited at how well they worked and wanted to make them available in her store.

The 3 pack of Wristflips can be found in Jewelry Collection's children's section. The pack includes "Get dressed", "Brush teeth" and "Fix hair" with the flipped positive reinforcement words "Extraordinary", "Superior" and "Amazing". Wristflips is excited to share our mission to develop executive functioning skills in children and adults. Thank you Eileen for including us!

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