What Is In Your Executive Functioning Tool Box?

Posted by Leigh Boodoo on

Executive functioning skills (EF) start forming at a very young age but do not fully develop until the early 20's. Some of these skills include starting and completing tasks, prioritizing tasks, holding onto information, staying focused and transitioning. Child development happens at different paces and can affect people in different ways. Even when we are fully developed as adults, our EF can be impacted by anxiety, stress and neurological conditions. Some challenges include trouble with starting, completing and prioritizing tasks. Tools such as Wristflips are imperative in helping to develop or support these skills. Tools that give prompts, guide and lend positive reinforcement are incredibly important in keeping anxiety levels at bay and help individuals feel motivated throughout daily life. With so many of us encountering challenges with these skills, having an executive functioning tool box can help us feel less overwhelmed and live happier lives. One tool will not always work for every situation. Our boxes need to include different tools and strategies to tackle the everyday executive functioning challenges that we encounter! #wristflips #executivefunctioning #routines #everykidsroutines #adhdtools #asdtools

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