People with ADHD take 10 times as long to remember routines

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Do you have an ADHD child who struggles with routines⁉️ It's so confusing for parents to repeatedly go over routines and not have your children retain them. We ask, why isn't our child developing the skills they should have already when we saw them mastering different concepts earlier? We ADHD'ers thrive on creativity, but our habit-forming skills need support. @additudemag quotes "people with ADHD take 10 times as long as others to learn a habit and one-tenth the time to forget it."


As an ADHD adult, I need visual aids for the simplest things. When I don't use tools to support my executive functioning it is guaranteed that something will be missed🤦‍♀️ Before Wristflips, I walked around with an index card of what I should do each day. This would include everything from taking my medicine, drinking water, to the order I had to pick up my children📝

🧠 Many people think ADHD is only about focus and hyperactivity, but it runs deeper than that. Dr. Russell Barkley says that it is a performance condition. The knowledge is there but the brain cannot organize itself to perform efficiently. Our short-term working memory does not hold on to information long enough to make certain actions stick and trouble with time management makes it difficult to finish tasks on time

💔 Seeing our children struggle with short-term working memory and performance issues is heartbreaking, confusing and defeating for both parents and child.🤸‍♀️Building structure and tools that support a child's ADHD help them to be independent and confident.

🛠️ Tools like Wristflips Routine Bracelets are just like my index cards! They act like a gps When my children started using them, it seemed like a weight had been lifted. They seemed directed, focused and calm. I kept saying out loud...Wow..these really work⁉️ Let me know how you stick to routines with your ADHD child‼️ #routines #routinechart#listonawrist #visualaids #parentinghacks #wristflips#getwristflips #happyparents #momlife #developmentaltools#behavioralpsychology #executivefunctioningtools #adhdtools#adhdcoach #adhdawareness #developmentalpediatrics

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