Do you know what neurodiversity is?

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Neurodiversity is a viewpoint that individual differences in brain functioning are regarded as normal within the human population. Neurodiverse people experience, interact and interpret the world in unique ways that sometimes create challenges. Natural differences between people do not necessarily need to be “fixed” or “cured.” They’re simply differences in the human brain that can actually lead to creative problem-solving and new ideas that can benefit everyone - Like when I created Wristflips!! - Offering supportive environments and consistently using tools helps all individuals grow to achieve their full potential! Let us know if you are neurodiverse in the comment section and what tools you use to overcome challenges. #wristflips #getwristflips #neurodiversity #neurodiversetools #iamneurodiverse #parentingtools #everydaytools #neuropsychology #wristflipkids #wristflipadults #leighb #adhdawareness #asdawareness #epilepsyawareness ref: &

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