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As we approach the last weekend of the summer and transition to the new school year, we feel the excitement to get back to routines. Although rest was much needed, the opportunities to see friends, play sports, breathe the fresh fall air and celebrate holidays are upon us. It's a time of change, growth, and adjustment that I always look forward to. These transitions, although exciting, can come with struggles. Adjusting from a relaxed summer routine to getting out of bed on time, catching the bus, remembering backpacks, and making sure the kids do their homework takes time and causes stress. Similar to the stress a child could feel when they transition from one step to the next.

As someone who struggles with Executive Functioning challenges, I look forward to routines and use tools that can help guide me through transitions, ease discomfort and allow room for the excitement to shine through. With all of the demands this new school year will bring, I know that the routines that come along with it will lend to a feeling of security. How do you feel about your fall transition? Leave us a comment below. Wristflips wishes everyone a fantastic Labor Day weekend and an easy transition into fall.

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