Small Steps

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I am surrounded by loving caring families who sometimes just want to pull their hair out, including myself...“It seems so easy for us, why can't they just get it…?” I found that it was easier to understand why my kids were not listening when I started reading up on executive functioning.

When I realized that these truly are skills that our children have not developed yet, it was easier to help and give them what they needed to eventually do things on their own. I felt more patient, I understood why I had to repeat things and did not feel as upset about having to.

Following a routine or sticking to a schedule may seem simple for some of us but they actually require many skills. Some kids have trouble with one or more of these skills and some of these functions do not fully develop until the age of 20. Keeping track of time, organization and planning, remembering the steps, stopping what they’re doing and switching gears, staying on task and paying attention to rules.

I now celebrate the small steps we are building towards independence….Just the simple act of my child understanding that his tools help him succeed and that they will help him feel confident brings joy to my day.

I hope you are all feeling the same joy with your children.

- Leigh Boodoo

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