Wristflips Routine Bracelets officially granted trademark registration by USPTO

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Wristflips Inc.
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Wristflips Routine Bracelets officially granted trademark registration by USPTO:

The USPTO officially granted trademark registration to the market's first children's wearable routine chart, Wristflips Routine Bracelets.

After 18 months of developing the Wristflips brand, founder Leigh Boodoo has successfully educated parents on its effectiveness in child development and cultivated trust in this unique product. "My greatest priority is providing customers with a satisfying experience and confidence in our product. The trademark registration was the next step in developing trust and consumer recognition."

The unique routine chart design is positively impacting families who are teaching their developing children routines and life skills. Leigh Boodoo stated, "I've always been a visual person, so when I saw my children struggling with their routines, I thought a wearable routine chart would be the perfect solution."

On one side, the bracelets show tasks such as shower, brush teeth and get dressed. Children see the task and flip the bracelet over once the task is complete. The other side of the bracelet offers positive reinforcement, with words like "outstanding" and "phenomenal". Wristflips also include images of the tasks to support children learning to read. The autonomous nature of this chart sets children up for independence and promotes confidence by helping to keep them organized and retain routines.

Leigh Boodoo states, "I created this product to help my children minimize daily struggles, create a healthy family dynamic and foster independence. Parents are more overwhelmed than ever and need tools to help create an environment where children can feel independent, proud and accomplished."

Her mission as a parent, community member and entrepreneur is to help children gain self-confidence early in life and spread awareness on executive functioning development and early intervention. "Our customers are doing more than just purchasing a wearable routine chart. They are becoming part of a community that offers parental support and tools to help our children feel confident in life."

Wristflips plans to expand its line of products in the near future to continue helping people stay organized and productive. For more information or press inquiries, please visit www.wristflips.com or contact:

Leigh Boodoo
(631) 904-0178

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